The GDVC (Gielnors Disease/Virus Control)

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The GDVC (Gielnors Disease/Virus Control)

Post by Admin on Sat Sep 09, 2017 2:27 pm

The GDVC deals with all sorts of epidemics in the lovely world of
Gielnor, they are much like the CDC in the world of Earth. Their main
job is guarding a massive gate that leads to another part of Gielnor;
A closed off continent.

The closed off continent has a massive dome surrounding it and it is
walled off from the world. This continent is named Old Gielnor, which
was struck with a deadly evil virus from the Arcane Clan about 400
years ago during the legendary heroes Kalvin and Khalaris time. It was
closed off and the dome has been upgraded ever since to fit with the
current technology.

Entry is not allowed through the gate unless you are an RPOG member or
a GDVC member.

GDVC Application

(Only rpers who are good can join, not evil rpers.)

Any infections?:
Personal ID Number:

If you suspect someone of showing signs of a serious disease or virus or The Dark Emigne virus then please contact the head of The GDVC at


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