The Wizards Council

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The Wizards Council

Post by Admin on Fri Sep 08, 2017 11:02 pm

The Wizards Council is an incredibly important faction in the world of
Gielnor, and there is only one building...Which is located in the
capitol of Gielnor; Phoenix Town.

The council houses legendary wizards and Elder Wizards along with High
Wizards. These three types of wizards specialize in all of the magic
classes in the world of Gielnor, the council members set the rules on
all the magic and how it is to be used. Failure to abide by their
rules can lead up to jail time.

The council leader is Winston Eldersoul, people may become a council
member but only if they have advanced enough through their magic

Wizards Council Application:

(WARNING: Only people who are good can join the Wizards Council...Sorry evil players. ;/)

Magic Level: (Must be at about 50 or 70. You can level up your magic
by using it during battles throughout the RP or just using it to help
you get around the world of Gielnor. Each time you use your magic
skills, you raise the bar. You must use your magic skills about 60
times to level it up. I don't know how this will work so I might need
some help.)
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